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Step inside our Expert Garage, and get tips, tutorials and technical downloads. Accurate, easy-to-follow and always straight from the best in the business, the Expert Garage is where it’s at for fuel pump installations and repairs.



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From helpful diagnostics checklists to product compatibility tests, Airtex-ASC provides a full library informative downloads. Whatever your experience level, we can help guide you through your next installation or repair.

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Getting ready to perform a fuel pump installation or replacement? Remove the hassle by first consulting our up-to-date, easy-to-understand installer resources. You can access interactive diagnostics, downloadable instructions and much more.

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Buyer, Beware!

Unfortunately, in our industry, customers need to be on the lookout for counterfeiters that can compromise their installation with cheap, inferior products. When you’re shopping for fuel pumps and accessories, make sure you’re buying a genuine Airtex-ASC product.

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Not sure how to clean your fuel tank? Trying to time a kit replacement on a specific vehicle? On our YouTube channel, we regularly upload quick how-to videos and technical tips that walk you through hundreds of installation and repair topics.

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