Service Technicians

Simplify Installations and Repairs With Our Extensive Resource Library.

With an industry-leading library of the most up-to-date technical resources, Airtex-ASC provides unmatched support for technicians and DIYers performing fuel and water pump replacements and installations. Benefit from:


Technical Information: Access specifications, features and more for fuel and water pump parts and assemblies

Interactive Diagnostics: Diagnose causes for hard start/no start situations, fuel delivery inconsistencies and repeated fuel or water pump failures

Downloadable Technical Service Bulletins:
These informative announcements address known issues by specific application, common fuel system pain points, troubleshooting and electrical checks.

Downloadable Installation Instructions: Reference our detailed, step-by-step, application-specific instructions for installing Airtex-ASC fuel pump parts.

Detailed product information: You can search by VIN, part, application or cross-reference.

Helpful installation videos:
Our videos assist in making your fuel or water pump repair seamless and hassle-free so you can avoid engine overheating.

You can also check our our blog for insights into installations, repairs and the latest in fuel and water pump technology.