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Maintaining OE Integrity. Innovating Custom Improvements.

Airtex-ASC serves original equipment manufacturers and the automotive aftermarket with product offerings for a full-range of vehicle, truck, fleet and specialty components. Airtex-ASC designs and manufactures water pumps and fuel delivery systems with precision, technical know-how and the expertise to meet and exceed the original equipment design specifications. Certified IATF 16949, Airtex-ASC incorporates the latest technological innovations, adhering to OE design philosophy while continuously improving custom water pump designs for optimum performance.


Airtex-ASC OE features advanced global design capabilities with regional technical centers in North America, Europe and Asia. Our ability to share development programs is what sets us apart as an OE automotive supplier. We are highly proficient at working directly with input from our customers’ engineers to develop customized pumps for their specific application, including:

  • Connections
  • Flow requirement
  • Fuel type
  • Pressure
  • Expected lifecycle
  • And more

Our complete suite of engineering tools utilizes CAD, CAE, CFD, PLM, FEA for product development. This enables us to provide the best design and development services. Airtex-ASC’s rapid prototype and extensive testing capabilities allow us to properly develop pumps, pump modules and pump controllers – both integrated and external. We also utilize proprietary analytic software for impeller and volute design for optimum cavitation results.



A trusted OE Supplier

Airtex-ASC serves many of the most recognizable names in the industry. Below is a sample of some of our loyal customers:


Airtex-ASC is also a major player in the automotive aftermarket business. Learn more.