Unsurpassed Coverage

North America’s Leading Provider of Fuel Pump Solutions

With American vehicles now averaging more than 11 years old in age, comprehensive aftermarket parts coverage for the auto supply channel is more important than ever. Whether you need an aftermarket fuel pump assembly or a replacement accessory, Airtex-ASC provides the most complete application coverage of fuel pumps and assemblies, including:

  • Modular reservoir assemblies
  • Electric fuel pumps
  • Mechanical fuel pumps
  • In-tank sender and hanger assemblies

Airtex-ASC Fuel delivery systems is proud to manufacture more than 2,100 quality SKUs for aftermarket fuel delivery systems. As North America’s leading automotive manufacturer of fuel pumps, Airtex-ASC provides a full-range of fuel delivery products for domestic and import cars, trucks, and heavy duty and specialty vehicles. In addition to offering an extensive catalog of fuel pump assembly solutions, Airtex-ASC also manufactures critical fuel pump accessories, including:

  • Tank seals
  • Filters/strainers



Leader in Automotive Water Pump Parts Coverage

You can count on superior performance from new Airtex-ASC car and truck water pumps. Each pump is engineered to keep your engine cooling system in premium running condition and to deliver maximum coolant flow and durability just like its OE counterpart. Airtex-ASC utilizes the same robotic assembly process for both OE and aftermarket pumps to ensure the highest quality and to help prevent engine overheating. And the automotive cooling system and water pump look-up tool on our website makes it easy to find the right part for your application.

Built to stringent OE specifications, pump features include:

  • Precision-ground and permanently lubricated unitized bearing assemblies
  • Unitized seals for exceptional protection against leakage and contamination
  • Durable housings that feature precisely machined mounting surfaces for proper sealing
  • The latest impeller upgrades engineered for maximum coolant flow
  • Hubs that are pressed on with precision-guided tooling


In addition, each automotive water pump is 100 percent tested with quality guaranteed. Use our water pump look-up tool today to find the right engine cooling system for your application. You can also visit our Expert Garage or contact us today!